6 best places for the first date

Published 31-12-2019

The opportunity to make a good first impression usually happens ... once. The first date is a meeting that lets you decide if it makes sense to make an appointment further. When you date someone you met on the internet, you verify each other's ideas about yourself. That is why it is so important to choose the right place for the first date.




Going out for coffee together is a great opportunity for an interesting conversation in casual conditions. Choose a place where there are no crowds, but which is also not completely empty. In this way you will feel at ease and the conversation will go lightly.



Regardless of whether you watch the works of painting masters or exhibits taken from the pharaoh's sarcophagus - museums are a place where it is easy to discuss topics..


Park or garden

Who doesn't like contact with nature? A walk through tree-lined avenues or between flowerbed flower beds will positively affect your mood and allow you to get to know each other better in casual circumstances. If the weather is not favorable, look for a palm house, for example. Or take an umbrella!



Of course, we mean a walk on the river, lake or seaside promenade. A brisk breeze, the sound of water, beautiful views ... These are the perfect circumstances for conversation. You can also consider renting a boat. There will be time for joint baths at later stages of the relationship.


Playing together

Bowling, flippers, mini golf ... The possibilities are many and it really depends on the city where you are. Choose a location that will give you the chance to talk freely, without having to focus on the game.


Admiring views

Berlin TV tower? London Eye? Prague Petrin Hill? Or maybe the Pompidou Center in Paris? Almost every city has a lookout point from which there is a breathtaking panorama. If only none of you is afraid of heights, then enjoying the views together can be remembered for a long time.


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