First message. How do you start a conversation on the Internet so that someone replies?

Published 31-12-2019

It's hard to imagine times without the internet, but it's not that distant past. Only a dozen or so years ago, most relationships began "in real life". It is currently believed that up to 1/3 of couples meet online. If you want to belong to this group, unfortunately it is not enough to want. Tutorials "how to talk to someone you don't know" will not be of much use to you. You need to know how to write the first message on the internet to the person you are interested in.


Write it!

Do not copy, paste or send the same to a dozen or so people. Such tricks are cheap and will not make you popular.


Stand out

Avoid the banal "hey", "what's up", "hello, beautiful" "hello, handsome". Nobody wants to waste time on something like that. You must present yourself as an interesting person, not a boring robot.


Do your homework

Before you write, review this person's profile. Check where he is from, what he writes about himself and what his hobby is. Don't ask for something that's already written there.


Ask questions

Isaac Newton knew that the action provokes a reaction. It's a natural mechanism that when you ask a question - you'll probably get an answer. After reviewing someone's profile you have some starting points. This will allow you to start the conversation and continue it as long as you like.


Be brief

Don't write too long messages. Just a few sentences. Although you write - it's not a letter, but a conversation. Have a dialogue instead of a monologue.


Check before sending

Spell check features were invented to make our lives easier. Thanks to them, we do not have to remember how to spell words. Chatting on the web is not a dictation, but the recipient usually has only a moment to decide: reply or not to reply? If you make mistakes in every word, communication with you may just be difficult.


First of all: take your time. Do you propose a date to someone you see briefly in the store or on the street? The Internet is a similar, though virtual, space. Pushing to hard might frighten the other person and make it back down. Make contact and arrange a date after some time. Where? Read our hints!


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