Where to go on a date ... in Krakow. 7 interesting places

Published 31-12-2019

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland liked by foreign tourists. The tourist season lasts here all year round, and no wonder, because regardless of the weather, there is something to do in Krakow! At the same time, it's not so easy to find a place here where you won't have to squeeze through the crowds of tourists. Below are 7 suggestions of places slightly distant from the most crowded locations.


Jagiellonian University Botanical Garden

The botanical garden located near the city center is a very charming place. You will find shady alleys here, benches off the beaten path and conservatories full of exotic plants. Important: in winter the garden is closed for visitors. Then you can go for a walk to the nearby Park Lotników or Bednarski Park foothill.


Vistula Boulevards

The most crowded section is the one next to Wawel but you can go to the other side of the Vistula. Between the Dębnicki and Zwierzyniecki bridges there is an unusually picturesque piece of boulevards. From there, you can turn to the villa-garden district of Debniki or have a picnic in the park nearby. A beautiful view is also provided by the water tram, which runs to the abbey in Tyniec.

Cracow mounds

A walk on one of the five mounds is a good idea for a date in Krakow. The most popular is the Kosciuszko Mound, but we recommend the two oldest: Krakus (Podgorze) and Wanda (Nowa Huta). Bring good shoes and something to drink because you there’s some to climbing ahead ... and beautiful views!

A bit of art

The cultural part of Krakow are several dozen smaller and larger museums, among which everyone will find something for themselves. In our opinion, the most interesting are the Stained Glass Museum, the underground of the Market Square, the Living Obwarzanek Museum and the Museum of Municipal Engineering. Worth visiting is the art gallery in the Cloth Hall or meeting the Lady with an Ermine from Leonardo da Vinci's painting at the Czartoryski Museum recently opened. Perhaps an interesting trip into the past will be the Museum of the PRL or the Flipper Museum.


Cuisine with a twist

In the historical center of Krakow you can find several hundred gastronomic establishments, from cozy cafes to elegant restaurants run by renowned chefs. We especially recommend premises located in Renaissance basements or somewhere on an upper floor, with a panoramic view of the city. Or maybe a dinner on a barge?


See you in Cracow!

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