4 tips on internet security

Published 31-12-2019

Is meeting people online safe? Actually yes. Provided that you stick to certain rules. Otherwise, not only you, but also your property and even your identity may be in danger.


Correspond wisely

Services like ours allow correspondence within the site without having to provide private email addresses. If someone insists on another form of contact, an alarm light should come on in your head. Similarly suspicious are the intrusive inquiries about your place of residence or work, or details about your car or vacation plans.


Date safely

Go on a date with someone you met on the internet in a public place with a lot of people (cafe, shopping center, museum, square or promenade), best known to you, and necessarily during the day. Tell someone close to you about who you meet, where and when you plan to return. If you plan to drink alcohol, control yourself.


Stay alert

If anything seems suspicious to you - you can terminate contact without giving a reason. You have the right to do so! You should be alert to any unusual requests or unusual situations, especially if they require crossing the borders of privacy (e.g. a newly met person asks you to pay for a transaction or insists on meeting in your or his apartment).


Personal data

Private information, such as your home address, ID card number, telephone number, social security number, passwords, bank account numbers, and even your name - these are all details that you don't need to provide to anyone on the internet. Of course, you don't have to hide behind the nickname and pretend to be someone else. Just apply the principle of limited trust and do not reveal such details to strangers.


Online dates give you great opportunities because you can meet people you don't have a chance to meet in any other way. It is important, however, to think every acquaintance through. In this way you will have a good yourself. Or a valuable long relationship.

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