Error! What mistakes to avoid when filling out your profile

Published 31-12-2019

A profile on the site is like a business card: if it looks bad, no one will want to make contact. The key to success is the old principle of "stand out [of the crowd] or die!". Make sure though that you don’t make one of the most common mistakes.


Show your face

Picture says more than a thousand words, so make sure that your photo doesn’t say gibberish. Do not use photos that you have on your driver’s license or work id card. Also, avoid those with other people besides you. You can take a selfie or ask someone to take your photo. Take care of the aesthetic background, proper lighting ... and clean lens.


In short

Let the extensive descriptions be left to the novelists, here concrete matters. In a few sentences collect the most important information about yourself. Important: use the spell check tool before publishing ...


Make yourself known

The person who visits your profile wants to know what kind of person you are. Don't write about yourself with generalizations that suit almost everyone. It is much better to write "I like to read Scandinavian detective stories, watch House and try Japanese cuisine" than to throw enigmatic "books, series, culinary". The more detailed the description, the more likely you are to find someone who shares at least some of your interests.


Be a positive warrior

We naturally avoid people who constantly complain, criticize everything and never smile, and we cling to those who give the impression of being satisfied with life. Consider whether your profile radiates positive energy. You can write that you prefer dogs to cats and hate dill, but do not build the whole picture of yourself on denial.


Do not lie baby

Manipulating the facts as we sit in front of a computer screen may seem tempting, but don't go that way. Online fiction writers are easily exposed - one meeting is enough. If you do not want to provide detailed information on a topic, you do not have to do it. But never write what is untrue!


Maybe it's time to make changes to your profile?


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