Who pays on the first date? Dating habits in Poland

Published 31-12-2019

Dating habits differ from country to country. BBC Entertainment has recently carried out research to learn the dating habits of Poles.


The interior counts

Research shows that the overwhelming majority (55% of respondents) consider the personality and humor of the other person to be the most important. 26% pay attention to good manners, and only 19% treat physical attractiveness as the most important feature of a partner.


Who invites you on a date?

According to almost all survey answers, the first step in arranging a date should belong to a man. Only 0.2% of women and 3% of men prefer a woman to propose a meeting. If the date was successful, half of the women asked indicated that the man should come out with a proposal for another date.


Where on the first date

We are traditionalists and we usually choose restaurants on the first date. 62% of men and 66% of women meet in a cafe or restaurant. Who pays the bill? Here the opionions were divided. 3/4 of the men replied that they paying the bill themselves. Women have a modern approach: one-third thinks that everyone pays for themselves, one-third that it is the man who should pay, and the rest that the decision depends on the situation.


A kiss on a first date

The vast majority of those dating in Poland do not kiss on the first date. Only 1% of women admit that they almost always go for it.


Mistakes on the first date

Men do not like when a woman at the first meeting talks about her ex-partner. 56% consider this topic to be an unfortunate choice. Women, in turn, are sensitive to good manners and sensible alcohol consumption. As many as 45% say that they do not forgive errors in this field. According to 48% of respondents, the best topic for conversation at the first meeting is general views on life.


The research included a group of over 1,000 Polish women and men aged 18 to 40 years old.

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