8 worst places for the first date

Published 31-12-2019

Perhaps you want to meet someone in a place where you have fun or which you like to visit very much. However, this is not always the best choice ... See the list of the worst places for a first date.


Cinema or theater

At first you may consider this a good idea. Culture matters. However, conversations are not welcomed during a screening or performance - and this is what the first meetings are based on. You don't want to spend a few hours sitting side by side in silence or being silenced by annoyed viewers sitting next to you.


Club or disco

What are you saying? I can not hear! Loud music does not allow for a pleasant, light conversations. Leave such outings for any of the next dates, once you know each other better.


Family or corporate event

Or any event where your partner does not know anyone. They may feel embarrassed in front of your friends and family. It will also be difficult to keep up with conversations in an already close-knit group.


Swimming pool or beach

Usually we don't show ourselves in lingerie on the first date - and the swimsuit covers little more. Aquaparks are also not the most quiet, intimate places. Go for a swim alone!


A former partner's favorite place

It would be stupid to find someone you are no longer with when you are dating a new person. Avoid such situations. Find a new "your" place.


Sport event

Sport evokes huge emotions, but not necessarily those that are right on the first date. There is also no chance to simultaneously talk and follow the action on the pitch. If you love football, play table football together.


Fast food bar

Nowadays, you don't have to spend a fortune to go to a restaurant. Burger chains are a good place for teenagers, not for adults. Your relationship is worth far more than double fries!


The gym

Sweat floods your eyes, you are out of your breath ... Terrible to make the first impression. If you want to show how much you can lift, move your date through a puddle full of mud.


Your flat

A bit too binding ... and a trivial place for the first meeting. Be inventive!

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