How do you find a great restaurant in the city you visit for the first time? 4 tips from experienced travelers

Published 31-12-2019

You get to a place you've never been before. You want to go eat something, but you have no idea where to go. You may not have had time to do an in-depth search before you left. You have no idea how to find the best pizzeria in Milan, where to arrange an espresso in Madrid or what to eat for breakfast in London. That is why we share our search tricks. You do not have to thank us!


Ask locals

Even in the most popular tourist locations there are local people who are familiar with the nuances of the nearby gastronomic offer. In other words: they know where to go and what places to avoid. You can find out where to go for dinner by asking a bartender, a receptionist at a hotel, or an elderly lady who is watering flowers in front of the house.


Go outside the center

Usually popular attractions or other "must see" places are packed with pubs for tourists. A meal in such a restaurant is a lottery: it can be tasty or not, but almost certainly the bill will be surprisingly high. If you deviate from the crowded trails and look into a place where you can mainly hear the local language, you have the chance to experience authentic local cuisine.


Avoid English

If you are not in an English-speaking country, the English menu should raise your suspicions. In the search for culinary gems, it is worth making an effort to communicate with the locals, even if it means communicating in sign language or using Google Translator.


Stick to the area

Currently, almost everything can be bought almost anywhere. However, many products have a unique taste only close to where they are sourced or manufactured. What is the point of looking for Italian pizza in Peru if you can try the local freshly-caught fish ceviche?


Going for a date in a city you don't know may not be easy. As you can see, just stick to a few simple rules to eat well anywhere in the world.

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